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much/still less

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishmuch/still lessmuch/still lessNOTused to say that a greater thing is even less true, likely, or possible than the thing you have just mentioned These people can scarcely afford to buy food, still less luxury goods like perfume. I didn’t think Dave would ever read a book, much less write one himself. less
Examples from the Corpus
much/still lessEqually, science would be much less advanced than it is if the only available data were intuitive estimates of quantities.The grouping of other languages of the world-and even of their number-is much less clear.Half a century earlier his behaviour would have seemed much more normal and aroused much less criticism.There was to be no pause for reflection, nor - much less - for a changeover from military to civilian rule.She could not afford the bus fare to see a doctor, much less his fee.On the battlefield armament was still much less important than discipline and fighting spirit.The average person is unlikely to pick up this type of book, much less read it.In the end, the tax brought in much less revenue than originally forecast.There is not much chance of finding a razor blade, much less using it in the appropriate way.
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