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much to somebody’s surprise/embarrassment etc

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishmuch to somebody’s surprise/embarrassment etcmuch to somebody’s surprise/embarrassment etcformalVERY used to say that someone feels very surprised, embarrassed etc when something happens Much to my relief, the conversation turned to another topic. much
Examples from the Corpus
much to somebody’s surprise/embarrassment etcAnd he was still sober, much to her surprise.And much to everyone's surprise he won it.A week later, much to my surprise, I was told my order must be changed.But he has written a steamy thriller, much to the surprise of his conservative minions.So now he is clubbed to death instead, much to the surprise of the audience.Those questions were asked in front of a packed gymnasium, much to the Surprise of the state officials who attended.Pitsligo died there in 1767, head, much to his surprise, still firmly attached to his unrepentant shoulders.
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