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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishmuckymuck‧y /ˈmʌki/ adjective informal  1 DIRTYdirty Your hands are all mucky. Don’t come in here with those mucky boots on.2 British EnglishRUDE/OBSCENE a mucky joke or story etc is slightly rude and about sex syn dirty
Examples from the Corpus
muckyDon't wear your best shoes -- you'll only get them all mucky.Victoria's mucky bib came off her flower-sprigged Viyella dress and the chocolate pudding was sponged from her face.What made you want to crawl in with them mucky birds like that?Is it something in the mucky habitat?A few stalls stood uncovered and some brave souls made their way through the ankle-deep, mucky slush.The cafeteria was self-service, and guests had to carry their food on little plastic trays to mucky tables.
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