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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishmuddledmud‧dled /ˈmʌdld/ adjective  confused muddled thinking The situation today is very muddled.
Examples from the Corpus
muddledThis formula movie is much too violent and muddled.No wonder viewers often get the two Jennys muddled and call me Jenny Seagrove.My mind, once sound as a bell, became muddled and confused.My beliefs about money were hopelessly muddled and contradictory.But don't get muddled between goals and objectives.Transitory, a panacea to stop the wail of the poor muddled infant: one that didn't even work for long.No alcohol to dull the nerves; no soothing glow to warm the chill of despair into a muddled kind of peace.Where on earth had she got her muddled values from?
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