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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishmudguardmud‧guard /ˈmʌdɡɑːd $ -ɡɑːrd/ noun [countable] British English  TTBa curved piece of metal or plastic that covers the wheel of a bicycle and prevents mud from getting on the bicycle and rider syn fender American English
Examples from the Corpus
mudguardBullets were passing quite close overhead, and one ricocheted off a front mudguard.The one minor gripe I have is that the Pioneer doesn't have mudguards.The chassis and car body were stripped to bare metal, mudguards re-made, and woodwork repaired.On the exhaust side, stainless steel piping was run to a large lorry exhaust on one mudguard.With virtually no rear mudguard, everything around the rear end gets covered in grime in minutes.He noticed the blood on the mudguard of Mr Browning's Renault 25 the day after his arrival.No, it was Fly-Mo, the fastest thing on two mudguards.The girl's bike has the same specification as the boy's but comes with mudguards and a carrier at the back.
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