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mudslidemud‧slide /ˈmʌdslaɪd/ noun [countable]  when a lot of wet earth suddenly falls down the side of a hill Torrential rains caused a massive mudslide.
Examples from the Corpus
mudslideGaffney was crushed in a mudslide and the shadow of his death hung darkly over the rest of the production.Heavy rains on wildfire-stripped hillsides caused mudslides and flooding of homes in San Bernardino on Tuesday.Five homes there were evacuated because of mudslides.Some mudslides were reported throughout the region, blocking part of a river and causing some flooding.More than 30,000 inhabitants were reported to have been affected directly by the mudslide and over 6,000 homes were damaged.The last major eruption occurred 1,100 years ago, when mudslides cascaded on to areas now inhabited by millions of people.
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