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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishmuffledmuf‧fled /ˈmʌfəld/ adjective  QUIETmuffled sounds cannot be heard clearly, for example because they come from behind a door or wall syn indistinct I could hear muffled voices in the next room. There was the muffled sound of organ practice coming from the chapel.see thesaurus at quiet
Examples from the Corpus
muffledStanding to one side, the sound is muffled and boomy.His voice was muffled, "I'm in the bathroom. I'm stuck.''The sound of breaking glass - muffled remonstrations.We heard muffled shouts and screams from the bar below.There was some clicking, and then the muffled sound of a human voice making its usual incomprehensible noises.Celia got up and followed her into the kitchen, and there were muffled sounds of crying.Water Gypsy had definitely moved at her moorings, and now there were muffled sounds of movement.A muffled thump from below, somewhere at the foot of the stairs.Somehow the dimness made my footsteps sound muffled, timid.It began with muffled voices that meant nothing.the muffled yells of children at play
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