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mufflermuf‧fler /ˈmʌflə $ -ər/ noun [countable]  1 DCCa long piece of thick cloth that you wear to keep your neck warm syn scarf2 American EnglishTTC a piece of equipment on a vehicle that makes the noise from the engine quieter syn silencer British English
Examples from the Corpus
mufflerThen they would sell them to posses from a garage on Bruckner Boulevard that doubled as a muffler repair shop.He opened it, and a figure whose face was obscured by a muffler pushed past him and ran into the quad.Wear a muffler in the cold night air.He put it on, together with his hat and wrapped a muffler close about his neck.This range also includes women's outfits, mittens, socks and muffler.They drove old cars with bad mufflers.He replaced the battered muffler and gave his Baby a new transmission.He could still hear the door slamming too, and there, that clatter, that was the muffler pipe.
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