2 verb
Related topics: Crime
mug2 past tense and past participle mugged, present participle mugging
1 [transitive]SCC to attack someone and rob them in a public place:
A lot of people won't go out alone at night because they're afraid of being mugged.
2 [intransitive] American English informal to make silly expressions with your face or behave in a silly way, especially for a photograph or in a play
mug for
All the kids were mugging for the camera.

mug up

phrasal verb
informalSE to try to learn something in a short time, especially for an examination [= swot up]
mug up on
Jeannie can't come. She's busy mugging up on science for her exam.
mug something ↔ up
Mug up as much as you can about the country before your trip.

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