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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishmuggymug‧gy /ˈmʌɡi/ adjective  informalWET muggy weather is unpleasantly warm and the air seems wet syn humidsee thesaurus at damp, hot, wet
Examples from the Corpus
muggyIt was warm again, warm and muggy.It was a warm muggy afternoon, and it looked like it would rain.The air now had a muggy, almost tropical, feel.The coast was rough country and the big rucksack a burden in the muggy atmosphere.But on this muggy August afternoon, with no open windows, its failure is guaranteed.It is another hot muggy day.It was a hot, very muggy evening.Summer is hot and muggy in the Deep South.When it's hot and muggy, no one feels like working.I meet her, in my unflattering dress, at the Warrior one muggy Saturday.The prestigious venue was host to 46 teams on a muggy Sunday.
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