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mujaheddinmu‧ja‧hed‧din /ˌmuːdʒəheˈdiːn/ noun [plural]  RRIMuslim soldiers with strong religious beliefs
Examples from the Corpus
mujaheddinA mujaheddin rocket attack on Kabul on Feb. 29 killed at least 21 people.More than 30 people were reported killed and hundreds injured in Kabul on Aug. 13 following rocket attacks by mujaheddin forces.With the ceasefire in operation, government troops attempted to restore order in Kabul by disarming mujaheddin fighters roaming the city.The first group of officers arrested were believed to be linked with the fundamentalist Hizb-i-Islami mujaheddin group led by Gulbuddin Hekmatyar.The mujaheddin attack was further weakened by internal rivalries.The mujaheddin had launched a fresh rocket offensive against the city on Feb. 26.The city, the capital of Kunar province, was under mujaheddin control.In Maydan Shar on Aug. 17,100 Kabul militiamen were reportedly killed in heavy fighting with mujaheddin forces.
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