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mulberrymul‧ber‧ry /ˈmʌlbəri $ -beri/ noun (plural mulberries)  1 [countable]DFFHBP a dark purple fruit that can be eaten, or the tree on which this fruit grows2 [uncountable] a dark purple colour
Examples from the Corpus
mulberryAnd she could eat mulberries ...I leant against the mulberry tree clutching Radish in my fist and had a bit of a cry there.I still stop at the mulberry garden every day.Once upon a time the deep red berries of the mulberry tree were white as snow.Our bows were made from the resilient wood of the mulberry, and our arrows were reinforced with tips of steel.So I ran to the mulberry tree.The gnarled tree trunks-white mulberry and rich brown acacia-formed a perilous and nearly impenetrable net.Through a scattering of gray adobe houses, all identical, I would go to the house fronted with mulberry trees.
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