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mulemule /mjuːl/ noun [countable]  1 HBAan animal that has a donkey and a horse as parents stubborn as a mule at stubborn(1)2 informalMDD someone who brings illegal drugs into a country by hiding them on or in their body3 [usually plural]DCC a woman’s shoe or slipper that covers the front part of the foot but has no material around the heel
Examples from the Corpus
muleThey had worked like poor folks' mules.The main road to Piedmont, across the pass of Tenda, was suitable only for mules.It was nerve-racking, having him watch her as she slid her feet out of bed, and pushed them into soft mules.These mule spinners, assisted by women and children, were an elite group in the early textile mills.Martha says rats are hanging dressed in the market for sale with mule meat.On whose side was the young mule supposed to be?
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