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multi-storeyˌmulti-ˈstorey1 adjective [only before noun] British English  TBa multi-storey building has many levels or floors
Examples from the Corpus
multi-storeyOn the outskirts of Tabor there were long rows of multi-storey apartment blocks of an extraordinary ugliness; many flats looked empty.Only those displaying offensive materials in the windows of multi-storey apartment buildings would seem to be safe from conviction. 3.As they often occupy cramped sites, London Board schools are usually multi-storey buildings.It is enslaved to the motor car, surrounded by great road ramps, and dominated by an unpleasant multi-storey car-park.The report claims, however, that she dislikes using public transport, multi-storey car parks and driving on motorways.This is probably due to the large preponderance of low-rise multi-storey council housing.A modern multi-storey office block is a very simple design.
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multi-storeymulti-storey2 noun [countable] British English spoken  TTCTBa multi-storey car park
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