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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishmultiplemul‧ti‧ple1 /ˈmʌltəpəl/ ●●○ adjective [only before noun]  LOT/LARGE NUMBER OR AMOUNTmany, or involving many things, people, events etc Baxter was rushed to the hospital with multiple stab wounds. Having multiple partners increases your risk of sexual diseases. His new album includes multiple versions of the same songs.
Examples from the Corpus
multipleLauda was pulled from his blazing car with multiple burns.The issuance of multiple copies was thus intended to assure that the consignee received at least one.He underwent surgery for multiple gunshot wounds.She suffered multiple injuries after jumping out of a fifth floor window.Nakamura received multiple job offers.The use of multiple logistic regression allowed the selection of the most useful clinical signs which are predictive of hypoxaemia.We regret that we are unable to answer multiple queries that do not comply with these instructions.The student company makes a brave effort at tackling the multiple roles.Two women with multiple sclerosis, including a 51-year-old Oceanside resident, were found dead in Detroit-area hotels yesterday.During this period annual elections brought multiple shifts in power resulting in thirty-one city managers for the thirty-five years following 1914.Applications here focus on using gigabit networks to combine the processing power of multiple supercomputers for climate and chemical reaction modeling.In assembling complexity, the bounty of increasing returns is won by multiple tries over time-a process anyone would call growth.
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multiplemultiple2 noun [countable]  1 HMNa number that contains a smaller number an exact number of timesmultiple of 20 is a multiple of 5.2 BBTSHOP/STORE British English technical a multiple store
Examples from the Corpus
multipleThey could bring in a multiple of that.20 is a multiple of 5.And people will try to do multiple of these, yes.I count the gulps and stop at an even multiple of four.That had resulted in 150 companies being taken on by five multiples and a 30 percent increase in product listings.An expert in the field of marketing, he has been successful in selling his produce to large multiples and wholesalers.The Net is an emblem of multiples.
From Longman Business Dictionarymultiplemul‧ti‧ple1 /ˈmʌltəpəl/ adjective including or involving many things, people, events etcThey are investigating the company for multiple violations of trade-practices law.They can access multiple databases simultaneously.multiplemultiple2 noun [countable]1a number which is the result of multiplying a particular number by another numberThe bank will offer multiples of up to four times your income (=will lend you an amount which is up to four times your yearly income).2a group or number of a particular product, share etcThe shares are sold in multiples of 200.3 (also earnings multiple), price-earnings multipleFINANCE the price of a share divided by its EARNINGS (=share of a company’s profits for a year) SYN P/E RATIOstock that offers low price-earnings multiples, limited risk, and regular dividends forward multiple4 (also multiple of rent)PROPERTY the rent that a property produces as an investment in relation to the price paid for it5 (also multiple shop), multiple store British EnglishCOMMERCE a company that owns shops trading under the same name in many cities, or one of these shops SYN CHAIN STOREWe are taking trade from large multiples where service is poor.
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