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multiplexmul‧ti‧plex1 /ˈmʌltəpleks/ (also multiplex cinema British English) noun [countable]  AMFa cinema that has several different rooms in which it can show films
Examples from the Corpus
multiplexIn their efforts to make themselves accessible, multiplexes have surrendered the uniqueness of the cinema as a building.We can and will build new roads, new shopping malls and multiplexes.But wherever they are built, multiplexes are almost always parts of larger leisure developments.Warner Bros is reviving the tradition of Saturday morning children's cinema at its multiplex cinemas.A steady supply of films that audiences want to see is crucial to the continued success and growth of multiplexes.
multiplexmultiplex2 adjective technical  having many different parts
Examples from the Corpus
multiplexThe multiplex cinema is another sign of the decade.It will eventually feature a nightclub, restaurant, retail units and multiplex cinema.All multiplex companies operate similar regimes with regard to staff behaviour to ensure that their work is predictable.In the meantime, however, multiplex construction continues unabated and the sizes of complexes get progressively bigger.The way in which films are distributed and exhibited cinematically has been fundamentally changed by the multiplex revolution.The city at one time had talked to Edwards Theaters about building a multiplex theater there, but those talks faltered.
From Longman Business Dictionarymultiplexmul‧ti‧plex /ˈmʌltɪpleks/ noun [countable] a cinema that shows a large number of films at the same timea 10-screen multiplex
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