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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishmultitudinousmul‧ti‧tu‧di‧nous /ˌmʌltɪˈtjuːdɪnəs◂ $ -ˈtuː-/ adjective formal  LOT/LARGE NUMBER OR AMOUNTvery many language in all its multitudinous forms
Examples from the Corpus
multitudinousThe strange couplings and consequent hybrid styles or aesthetics it bred were multitudinous.Or again, take the multitudinous array of chemical substances that exist in the natural world.Goodbye, also, to the multitudinous managers and coaches of the largest team we've ever sent overseas.With the multitudinous package sizes available, there is a great deal of physical contact with the chemicals by Janssen personnel.It would provide the multitudinous popular committees and activities with a more advanced form of organisation and structure.
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