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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishmumbo-jumbomum‧bo-jum‧bo /ˌmʌmbəʊ ˈdʒʌmbəʊ $ -boʊ ˈdʒʌmboʊ/ noun [uncountable] informal  UNTRUEtechnical language that is difficult to understand and seems to have no sense a bunch of legal mumbo-jumbo
Examples from the Corpus
mumbo-jumboYou can't do, not when you've been at pains to tell me what rubbish all this astrological mumbo-jumbo is.legal mumbo-jumboMeaningless mumbo-jumbo designed to stall and delay.Plotinus wrote his most impassioned tract to attack Gnosticism as pretentious mumbo-jumbo.His daughter Amanda sat at his bedside in stiff, pout-lipped profile, reading some piece of religious mumbo-jumbo.All of this mumbo-jumbo masks a large vacuum of uncertainty.
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