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mummymum‧my /ˈmʌmi/ ●●● S1 noun (plural mummies) [countable]  1 British EnglishMOTHER mother – used especially by young children or when you are talking to young children syn mommy American English Mummy, can I play outside?2 MXa dead body that has been preserved by wrapping it in cloth, especially in ancient Egyptmummify
Examples from the Corpus
mummyAlan has little experience of family life and is inquisitive about what it means to have a mummy and daddy.Great bolts of cloth are tucked away on ledges behind him, where they look just as snug as mummies.This analysis is very important since the bodies of the incorruptibles have been erroneously classified by many as natural mummies.The room was full of mummies!We will see how the mummies occupied the midpoint of the most important overland trade route in Eurasian history.She wanted to scream until mummy heard her and went in to find out what was wrong.It was only that she couldn't stay in the house while mummy was being so horrible.
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