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municipalmu‧ni‧ci‧pal /mjuːˈnɪsəpəl $ mjʊ-/ ●○○ adjective  PGTOWNrelating to or belonging to the government of a town or city the municipal waste dump municipal electionsmunicipally adverb
Examples from the Corpus
municipalInstead, companies are looking to develop partnerships that marry the traditions of municipal and private project finance.municipal authoritiesOne involved a $ 396 million municipal bond deal for Pennsylvania.The museum and other municipal buildings are threatened.the municipal bus and rail systemsOne memorable day I wandered along to a municipal course and sat waiting while they fixed me up with a fourball.Municipal elections will be held on April 12th.It will be the first such municipal facility in the county.Now, Hardin, the Board of Trustees has not barred the establishment of a municipal government on Terminus.Over 50 percent worked for local governments, primarily municipal or county building departments.Not far from the town centre is the municipal park.You're a semi-skilled mechanic, just like the municipal rat-catcher, on piecework.Although municipal waste seems to grow more slowly than income in rich countries, it does still grow.
From Longman Business Dictionarymunicipalmu‧ni‧ci‧pal /mjuːˈnɪsəpəlmjʊ-/ adjective belonging to or connected with the government of a town or cityMunicipal budgets are under great strain.a strike by municipal employeesmunicipally adverba municipally owned hospital
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