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municipalitymu‧ni‧ci‧pal‧i‧ty /mjuːˌnɪsəˈpæləti $ mjʊ-/ noun (plural municipalities) [countable]  PGTOWNa town, city, or other small area, which has its own government to make decisions about local affairs, or the officials in that government the municipality of Berkeley an elected municipality
Examples from the Corpus
municipalityAt stake were 12,600 seats in 439 municipalities.By last night, five municipalities had declared a state of emergency.Because bond insurance helps municipalities trim borrowing costs, it has become increasingly popular nationwide.In the proposal, each part of Jerusalem would have its own municipality.Debt made the municipality depend more and more on the central government and its treasury.Company workers have presented petitions to the municipalities where the company has its main plants.the municipality of KnoxvilleA lot of the water could have gone to municipalities in the North Bay and to grape growers.
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