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muralmu‧ral /ˈmjʊərəl $ ˈmjʊrəl/ noun [countable]  AVPa painting that is painted on a wall, either inside or outside a buildingfrescomural adjective [only before noun]
Examples from the Corpus
muralThe view was like a mural painted on a blue backdrop.a mural 72 feet long and 7 feet tallAll over Isfahan are murals of an angry Khomeini glaring down from the clouds.I stayed after hours doing murals on tailgates.Behind him a huge mural of Monument Valley, John Ford's favourite location, glows red as hell.Gone are the wild, kaleidoscopic murals, desiccated couches and furry dancing masses that rendered the old space a rhythmic poltergeist.Large murals from the mansion are now on the walls of Prestwick Indoor Bowling Club.Or finish with trompe l'oeil painted murals.
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