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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishmuscledmus‧cled /ˈmʌsəld/ adjective  having large muscles syn muscular He had a good body, tanned and well muscled.
Examples from the Corpus
muscledHis tattoos and muscled arms also felt out of place, and he put them behind him.Fury filled his canine brain and coursed through his powerfully muscled body.In answer to Grant's summons, Larsen had turned up accompanied by ten well muscled companions.One long, heavily muscled leg had been thrown over hers, pinning her beneath him.Her eyes drifted from his face to the smoothly muscled shoulder near her cheek.Then, flexing their powerfully muscled silver bodies, they thrash their tails and leap from the water.Fran followed him slowly, keeping her eyes centred on the polished wooden treads and away from the muscled strength of his thighs.
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