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muscularmus‧cu‧lar /ˈmʌskjələ $ -ər/ ●●○ adjective  1 HBSTRONG PERSONhaving large strong muscles She was fast and strong, with a slender, muscular body. He’s very muscular.see thesaurus at strong2 HBconcerning or affecting the muscles muscular injuriesmuscularity /ˌmʌskjəˈlærəti/ noun [uncountable]
Examples from the Corpus
muscularShe liked men who were tall and muscular.You should see him, he's really muscular.He had broad shoulders and muscular arms.He kept his firm muscular body in shape with an hour's run every morning.Involuntarily, Margaret thought of Jack's muscular body last night.It requires a lot of muscular control.He was a large, quiet man with the most amazing muscular development I have ever seen.The child with high myopia is also at risk of further visual deterioration from muscular haemorrhage or retinal detachment.The older boy, leaner and more muscular, has shorter hair and a small skull-cap which may conceal a tonsure.a tall, muscular manIt is a muscular organ, which, when it contracts, forces the urine down the urethra.muscular painHe was looking right at me as he said all this: handsome, muscular, preppy.They lay side by side, doing their relaxation exercises - deep breathing and total muscular relaxation from the feet up.The trouble is that anything you do, nomatterwhat, will nearly always increase the muscular tension and make the situation worse.
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