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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishmusculaturemus‧cu‧la‧ture /ˈmʌskjələtʃə $ -tʃʊr/ noun [singular, uncountable] medical  all the muscles in the body, considered as a group
Examples from the Corpus
musculatureShe imagined a musculature, a skeleton, a hide, pumping organs, glowing eyes.This observation could explain why straining is often ineffective in promoting normal defecation even in low spinal patients with intact abdominal musculature.Tarnished metal shone through his musculature as he walked through the fire.Rufus had impossibly long arms with the same type of musculature as Hector and Mr Lewis.Differences in body shape, size, musculature, etc do suit high performance in specific sports.Stripped to the waist, the contours of their musculature were faintly graven with decades-old surgical scars.The result, taut abs, a rock-hard butt and twanging musculature, was still not enough to save her marriage.
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