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museum piece

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishmuseum piecemuˈseum ˌpiece noun [countable]  1 OLD-FASHIONEDsomething or someone that is very old-fashioned – often used humorously Some of the weapons used by the rebels are museum pieces.2 VALUEan object that is so valuable or interesting that it should be in a museum
Examples from the Corpus
museum pieceBut will I been seen as a museum piece by some?Now the 1986 tax-revision measure that shut down shelters and closed some loopholes might best be called a museum piece.He acknowledges that liturgy is not a museum piece but needs to evolve as part of a living tradition.a museum piece encased in glassSome of the weapons used by the rebels are museum pieces.Gluck was armed with an incredibly heavy musket, a single-shot museum piece with an octagonal barrel and a smooth bore.
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