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muslinmus‧lin /ˈmʌzlɪn/ noun [uncountable]  TIMa very thin cotton cloth used for making dresses and curtains, especially in the past
Examples from the Corpus
muslinGroves wedged a muslin snake bag behind his belt.Strain the shrimp water into a container through a clean handkerchief or fine muslin cloth.Inside the box was a small flat package wrapped in muslin and tied tightly with string.The satin was perfect, had not even been removed from its muslin wrappers.Cups, saucers, teapot, milk jug with its little muslin cloth, plates and splattered jam.When we began preparations for the night, our minds went out to our squares of muslin.Each day she pulled muslin tarpaulins from sculptures and sprayed them with water to keep them wet and workable.He got to his feet and walked to the window and parted the muslin curtains.
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