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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishmustachemus‧tache /məˈstɑːʃ $ ˈmʌstæʃ/ noun [countable]  x-refthe usual American spelling of moustache
Examples from the Corpus
mustacheHis hair was dark brown and he was struggling to grow a mustache that only made him look like a fugitive.She had a ferocious hedge of hair on her upper lip, practically a mustache.White beard, formidable mustache, and bushy white eyebrows did nothing to make him look grandfatherly.His mustache twitched; he cleared his throat, but said nothing.He was slight, with a little mustache, and he did love to dress.No matter what happens, though, Brown and Hershiser will be pictured wearing milk mustaches at least once.The 1,200 boxes include everything from chunks of concrete he fetched from the street to trimmings from his own mustache.Eliza wet her forefinger, gently lifted the mustache, and ran the finger underneath.
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