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mutinymu‧ti‧ny /ˈmjuːtɪni $ -tn-i/ noun (plural mutinies) [countable, uncountable]  PMREBELLION/REVOLUTIONwhen soldiers, sailors etc refuse to obey the person who is in charge of them, and try to take control for themselvesmutiny against He led a mutiny against the captain.mutiny verb [intransitive] The soldiers had mutinied over the non-payment of wages.
Examples from the Corpus
mutinyThe film tells the story of a mutiny aboard a slave ship.Captain Feener suspected the crew was planning a mutiny.Dissatisfaction, exacerbated by the non-payment of the usual bonuses, led to a mass exodus and mutiny.It saddened him that if there was to be mutiny, the leader would be Howland.Faced with a family mutiny, he decided to pack it in and sell up.Thirteen soldiers were sentenced to life imprisonment for mutiny.The murmurs - of surprise, dismay, muted terror, mutiny - are allowed to run their course.Mrs Aquino now has to decide whether she should be magnanimous in victory or punish those behind the mutiny.The mutiny will not take place.There was mutiny in their whisperings.There were mutinies in Army units, in some replacement depots, toward the end of the war.
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