Date: 1400-1500
Language: French
Origin: mutuel, from Latin mutuus 'lent, borrowed, mutual'


1 mutual feelings such as respect, trust, or hatred are feelings that two or more people have for each other [↪ reciprocal]
mutual respect/trust/understanding etc
Mutual respect is necessary for any partnership to work.
European nations can live together in a spirit of mutual trust.
I didn't like Dev, and the feeling seemed to be mutual.
The two men were a mutual admiration society, gushing about how much they were learning from each other.
2 [only before noun] mutual support, help etc is support that two or more people give each other:
MAMA puts new mothers in touch with each other, for mutual support and friendship.

mutual agreement/consent

when two or more people both agree to something:
In the end the relationship was ended by mutual agreement.

mutual friend/interest

a friend or interest that two people both have:
We discovered a mutual interest in drama.

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