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mutual fund

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mutual fundˈmutual fund noun [countable] American English  BFSan arrangement managed by a company, in which you can buy shares in many different businesses syn unit trust British English
Examples from the Corpus
mutual fundWhilst I am still in favour of a mutual fund, I think the current risk banding is rubbish.Now, plans are being made cheaper and easier, allowing mutual fund companies to exploit this previously unattractive market.A money market mutual fund is conceptually simple.The mutual fund company still owns about 4. 71 million Merrill shares and 2. 08 million shares of Morgan Stanley.
From Longman Business Dictionarymutual fundˈmutual fund [countable]FINANCE a particular legal form of fund in the US, often one that is open to the general public for saving and investing in particular financial markets SYN unit trust BrEEach year, a mutual fund is obliged by law to distribute to shareholders nearly all the capital gains and all the income that the fund earned. fund
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