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mutually acceptable/beneficial/convenient etc

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishmutually acceptable/beneficial/convenient etcmutually acceptable/beneficial/convenient etcBOTHsomething that is mutually acceptable etc is acceptable etc to both or all the people involved We eventually arrived at a figure that was mutually acceptable. mutually
Examples from the Corpus
mutually acceptable/beneficial/convenient etcObtaining frankness within families about the feelings and expectations they have of each other can be mutually beneficial.This takes place at a time prearranged to be mutually convenient.Some of those diets were the result of a mutually beneficial alliance between physicians and food producers.This commission would be composed of mutually acceptable and appropriate international personalities and representatives from governments and international organizations.Cleaning symbiosis on the other hand is a true form of mutually beneficial arrangement with both cleaner and host benefiting.Community Linking is direct people to people contact which leads to equal, mutually beneficial relationships across cultures.These few basic rules can make your group maximally helpful:-Meet regularly at a mutually acceptable time and place.It encourages open communication, and learning about processes of living in mutually beneficial ways.
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