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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishmymy1 /maɪ/ ●●● S1 W1 determiner [possessive form of ‘I’]  1 OWNused by the person who is speaking to show that something belongs to or is connected with himself or herself Have you seen my car keys? My mother phoned last night. I’m sure you don’t want to listen to all my problems. Even my own family wouldn’t believe me. an apartment of my own2 my goodness/my God etc3 my dear/darling/love etc
Examples from the Corpus
my ownI've gotta get my own back.I do not propose to open my own door to any such snooping interlopers, disturbers of my peace.I know she's my own flesh and blood, but I hope she got whatever was coming to her.Then, slowly pulling my own gun away from his head, I continued walking until I was directly opposite him.I always feel, in my own little way, I am doing something for Free Trade.I have been too much with myself and my own projects and thoughts.I do not apologise for raising the matter on more than one occasion in interventions and again in my own speech.How long is it since my own thoughts were carried off in such a way?
mymy2 interjection  used when you are surprised, impressed, or upset My! Look at the size of that tree! ‘It’s 3.30.’ ‘Oh my, I’m going to be late!’
Examples from the Corpus
myMy! Is all this yours, Tom?Oh mySee, I've got the money with me. Oh my children!Uh huh. Oh my gosh!"It's 3:30." " Oh my , I'm going to be late!"
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