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my/his/your etc word

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishmy/his/your etc wordmy/his/your etc wordPROMISEa sincere promise to do something, or a promise that what you say is true I trust him to keep his word. I give you my word (=I promise) that it won’t happen again. They had given their word of honour that they would not attempt to escape. We only have his word for it that he has already paid. Delors claimed that Johnson had gone back on his word (=not done what he had promised to do). The business is doing very well. You can take my word for it (=accept that what I say is true). I never know whether to take him at his word (=believe what he says). His word is his bond (=he always does what he promises to do).be true to your word/be as good as your word (=do what you promise to do)a man of his word/a woman of her word (=a man or woman who does what they have promised to do) word
Examples from the Corpus
keep ... wordShe wasn't more than a few minutes late, but P.C. Clifford kept his word.Graham, 36, who had vowed not to go quietly to his death, kept his word.If the legend is true, he kept his word for he was seen on countless occasions over the years.Peter kept the words inside him.Dying of tuberculosis on September 30, she kept her word.From the look of things, Carlesimo and the Warriors may have to keep those words in mind all year long.I trust her to keep her word.Branson had fully intended to keep his word on not seeing or communicating with Joan for three months.
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