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(my) love

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English(my) love(my) loveBritish English spoken informal a) LOVEa word used when you are talking to someone you love syn darling ‘Hello, love, ’ said her father. b) WOMANa friendly way of talking to someone who you do not know, especially to a woman or child. Many women consider this to be impolite or offensive What’s your name, love? love
Examples from the Corpus
(my) loveA little gift from my loving man.All my love and kisses, Sue Marion put the letter in her bag, ready to take to work tomorrow.Hence my love for film and my desire to make films as a director and... actor.I meant to tell you earlier, my love.I need you now, my love.I should hate to give the impression that my love for you is but thinly disguised lust.The purity of my love was something that to me remained undefiled.
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