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myrtlemyr‧tle /ˈmɜːtl $ ˈmɜːr-/ noun [countable]  HBPa small tree with shiny green leaves and white flowers that smell nice
Examples from the Corpus
myrtleOther images of her were adored in a myrtle and a cedar.A myrtle warbler in a flowering maple tree repeatedly probed into the massed flowers.In that sorrowful but lovely spot, shaded with groves of myrtle, Aeneas caught sight of Dido.I saw and heard several myrtle warblers, along with the first pine, black-and-white, and Nashville warblers.The wolf's yellow eyes shone, and he ran into the myrtle bushes, pulled Bertha out, and ate her.The myrtle was her tree; the dove her bird-sometimes, too, the sparrow and the swan.Dwarf wax myrtle is an evergreen shrub in the 2-to-4-foot range.
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