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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishmyselfmy‧self /maɪˈself/ ●●● S1 W1 pronoun [reflexive form of ‘I’]  1 PERSONALLY/YOURSELFused by the person speaking or writing to show that they are affected by their own action I blame myself for what has happened. I can look after myself. I’m making myself a sandwich.2 EMPHASIZE a) used to emphasize ‘I’ or ‘me’ Why do I always have to do everything myself? They say it’s a beautiful place, but I myself have never been there. b) used after ‘like’, ‘as’, or ‘except’ instead of ‘me’ No one is to blame except myself.3 (all) by myself4 not feel/be myself5 have something (all) to myself
Examples from the Corpus
myselfI'm not a very musical person myself.Oh, I hurt myself.I might make myself a sandwich.I'll be flying in myself for the conference.I looked at myself in the mirror.I myself would not recommend that restaurant.