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mysticismmys‧ti‧cis‧m /ˈmɪstɪsɪzəm/ noun [uncountable]  RRa religious practice in which people try to get knowledge of truth and to become united with God through prayer and meditation
Examples from the Corpus
mysticismNaturally, geologists balked at this apparent mysticism.There has also been a great deal of adulation which is perhaps even more harmful for it generates mysticism.The development of mysticism in a particular tradition represents a stage in the evolution of the religious consciousness.The idea that there are forces and necessities in nature is spurious, a piece of mysticism which we can do without.Talk varied from views on nationalism and child birth to thoughts on mysticism and linguistic oppression.This mysticism is the only language which transcends the rational schema of oppression.I do not wish to take the trouble to understand mysticism.
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