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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishnadirna‧dir /ˈneɪdɪə $ -dər/ noun [singular] written  WORSEthe time when a situation is at its worst opp zenith By 1932, the depression had reached its nadir.
Examples from the Corpus
nadirThis, not his ethical problems, caused the steepest dive in his national popularity, to its current nadir.On 4 October 1406, when Henry's government was at its nadir, he finally became keeper of the Privy Seal.At its nadir in 1983, the Alameda colony had only 3 nesting pairs.If the field continues to decay at its present rate, it will reach its nadir in some 1,200 years.Father's Day was the nadir.It was the nadir of his career.But that is compared with the Tory nadir of1997.reached ... nadirThe tsar's fortunes had reached their nadir.The relationship between the Soviet Union's two dominant politicians here reached its nadir.
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