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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishnaffnaff1 /næf/ adjective British English informal  TASTE IN CLOTHES, MUSIC ETCsomething that is naff seems silly, especially because it is unfashionable or shows a lack of good tastetacky a really naff film Babur says the uniform makes him look naff.
Examples from the Corpus
naffDon't wear that shirt with those slacks -- it looks naff.Most people think taking a package holiday in Bognor is really naff.That could be five or fifty-five, and they could be nice or naff.Almost as naff as Pete's pudding-bowl haircut.He could not say that the garage was macho and Pricewell's was naff, because she would tease him again.Its a bit naff but close to the ground and good for parking.They now rely less on naff novelties and more on structure and nuance, while still retaining an Alec Gilroy-sense of showbiz.Tudor Davies's script has the style of an authentically naff pre-1914 original, up-dated by a sharper intelligence.
naffnaff2 verb   naff off
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