Language: Old English
Origin: nacod


na‧ked S3
1 not wearing any clothes or not covered by clothes [= nude; ↪ bare]:
The children ran naked through the yard.
a picture of a naked man
They found the body lying half naked in the grass.
The governor ordered the prisoner to be stripped naked and whipped.
stark naked also buck naked/naked as a jaybird American English (=completely naked)

the naked eye

if you can see something with the naked eye, you can see it without using anything to help you, such as a telescope
visible to/with the naked eye
The mite is just visible to the naked eye.
Through his telescope he could see millions of stars that were invisible to the naked eye.
3 weak and unable to protect yourself:
Standing in front on his first day of teaching, Brad felt completely naked.

naked truth/self-interest/aggression etc

truth, self-interest, aggression etc that is not hidden and is shocking:
The President condemned the invasion as an act of naked aggression.

naked light/flame/sword etc

a light, flame etc that is not enclosed by a cover:
A naked light bulb dangled from the ceiling.
nakedly adverb
nakedness noun [uncountable]

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