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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishnakedna‧ked /ˈneɪkɪd/ ●●● S3 adjective  1 not wearing any clothes or not covered by clothes syn nude, → bare The children ran naked through the yard. a picture of a naked man They found the body lying half naked in the grass. The governor ordered the prisoner to be stripped naked and whipped.stark naked (also buck naked/naked as a jaybird American English) (=completely naked)RegisterIn everyday English, people often say that someone has nothing on or doesn’t have anything on rather than say they are naked:They ran through the yard with nothing on.2 the naked eye3 weak and unable to protect yourself Standing in front on his first day of teaching, Brad felt completely naked.4 naked truth/self-interest/aggression etc5 naked light/flame/sword etcnakedly adverbnakedness noun [uncountable]THESAURUSnaked not wearing any clothes or not covered by clothes – used especially when this seems rather shockinga naked manHe got out of bed naked, and answered the telephone.his naked chesthave nothing on/not have anything on to not be wearing any clothes. This phrase is very commonly used in everyday English instead of saying that someone is nakedCan you wait a minute? I've got nothing on!The little boy didn’t have anything on when he answered the door!bare used about feet, legs, arms etc that are not covered by clothesThe sand was too hot to walk on in bare feet.nude naked – used especially when talking about naked people in paintings, films etca nude portrait of his wifeundressed [not before noun] not wearing any clothes, especially because you have just taken them off in order to go to bed, have a bath etcSara was undressed and ready for bed but Jenny was fully clothed. Wearily she got undressed and stepped into the shower.topless if a woman is topless, she is not wearing any clothes on the upper part of her body, so that her breasts are not covereda topless waitressin the nude not wearing any clothesMen and women swam together in the nude and thought nothing of it.in your birthday suit informal humorous not wearing any clothesHe likes to sleep in his birthday suit. He says pyjamas are uncomfortable.go commando informal humorous to not wear any underwearIn summertime, he likes to go commando. in the buff informal not wearing any clothes – a very informal usea beach where you can sunbathe in the buff
Examples from the Corpus
nakedWe all had swimsuits on, we weren't stripped naked.He was lying on the bed, completely naked.I walked in, and Mr Tolifero was standing there buck naked.Nor did her current lack of encouragement prevent him from continuing to imagine her naked.Claire walks around naked all the time.Without ceremony she dropped her silk gown, standing naked but for her briefs and her tattoos, which were all black.His knowledge is slim, transparent to the naked eye.Male bodies, nearly naked, flesh rigid with cold beneath a silvery moon, were a brand-new experience to her.He felt a stillness, looking at his first naked girl, grown-up, outside a magazine.The magazine was full of pictures of naked men.He pulled it off and threw it behind him, revealing himself naked to the waist.half nakedWell, only one was really half naked.She was half naked and had been beaten about the head with a rock.Her eyes widened, glowing at the half naked girl beside her.Cold and half naked in the darkened bedroom, Cantor felt the day had taken a shape for the worse.At least no one came and found us half naked in the showers with our arms around each other.One of them, half naked, is as black as a Negro.The boy lay passive, stripped; ripped half naked, it was almost unbelievable.felt ... nakedIt was all the way forward, but I still felt naked.Nothing held him secure: he felt naked.She heard scrabbling sounds from the other side of the rubble and suddenly her backside felt naked and vulnerable.She felt almost naked, as if she were parading in her chemise.Yet, she felt slightly naked in having to get into the ambulance without a coat or even something on her head.Felt her naked legs against Lucy's.Ion Manescu felt naked without the curved moustache he had shaved off.