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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishname-callingˈname-ˌcalling noun [uncountable]  INSULTwhen people use unpleasant words to describe someone in order to insult or upset them playground teasing including name-calling
Examples from the Corpus
name-callingWould they be as interesting as infighting and name-calling?Whistling and stomping is fine, but name-calling makes it a little more special.Heated discussion ensued, followed, apparently, by name-calling.When the soldiers blocked university students from entering campuses the next morning, name-calling and fights broke out.There will be no profanity or name-calling in this classroom.They have refined the art of finger-pointing, name-calling and personal blame.And voters say all the name-calling and finger-pointing has turned them off.Neither had to face the name-calling at school, defend the indefensible they knew lay behind him them at home.It has nothing to do with name-calling.
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