2 verb
name2 S2 W2 [transitive]

give somebody a name

to give someone or something a particular name [↪ call]
name somebody John/Ann etc
We named our daughter Sarah.
name somebody/something after somebody/something (=give someone or something the same name as another person or thing)
He was named after his father.
The street is named after the famous South African leader, Nelson Mandela.
name something for somebody/something American English (=give something the same name as a person or thing)
The college is named for George Washington.
a man/woman etc named something (=someone with a particular name)
some guy named Bob Dylan
! To talk about the name of a person or thing, it is more usual to say called rather than 'named': He had a friend called Mick.

say somebody's or something's name

to say what the name of someone or something is, especially officially:
The two murder victims have yet to be named.
name somebody as something
The woman who was shot has been named as Mary Radcliff.
She has secret information and is threatening to name names (=name the people who were involved in something, especially something bad or illegal).
They're a lot better than some airlines I could name.
name and shame British English (=say publicly who is responsible for something illegal that has happened, or who has not achieved a particular standard)

choose somebody

to officially choose someone or something, especially for an important job or prize
name somebody/something (as) something
The film was named best foreign film.
Quinn has been named as the new team manager.
name somebody to something American English
Fitzgerald was named to the committee by the chairman.

to name but a few/a handful/three etc

used after a short list of things or people to say that there are many more you could mention

you name it (they've got it)!

spoken used after a list of things to mean that there are many more you could mention:
Clothes, books - you name it, they sell it!

name the day/date

to decide on a date for your wedding

name your price

spoken to say how much you are willing to pay for something or sell something for

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