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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishnamelessname‧less /ˈneɪmləs/ adjective  1 who shall remain nameless2 NAME OF A PERSON[only before noun] a nameless person is someone whose name is not known the work of some nameless 13th-century writer3 NAME OF A THING[only before noun] a nameless thing does not have a name He lay in a nameless grave.4 EXACT[only before noun] literary nameless emotions are very strong and difficult to describe in words He managed to calm her nameless fears.5 [only before noun] literary too terrible to name or describe nameless horrors
Examples from the Corpus
namelessThere's a land where the mountains are nameless.The magical child was, however, nameless.They become a prey to nameless and often unspoken fears.On some nights, I would pretend the sounds were ocean waves and I was in a mansion on a nameless beach.nameless crimesThen you realize that you have been tattooed somewhere with a nameless fear.Nameless fears made her tremble.A harmless pleasure can become the gateway to nameless hells when for whatever reasons it begins to carry a significant symbolic meaning.No one gives much thought to the nameless millions who work in our factories.There were any number of nameless partners, telling her she was a cute chick, trying to fondle her.The information was supplied by a nameless source.the nameless victims of the nation's civil war
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