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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishnannan1 /næn/ (also nanna) /ˈnænə/ noun [countable] British English informal  FAMILYgrandmother – used by children syn nanny
Examples from the Corpus
nanGiggling Sheila his nan called her.William's nan and his mum and Preston's nan and his mum and his Auntie Ethel.Mrs Flaherty and the nans did not mix in the same circles.We've never been what you might call close, me and your nan.
Related topics: Food, dish
nannan2, naan /nɑːn/ (also nan bread) noun [uncountable]  DFFa type of bread made without yeast and eaten with Indian food
Examples from the Corpus
nanRadio nan Gaidheal will broadcast a single morning block to the Highlands and Islands, replacing the current piecemeal pattern of programmes.
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