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nannynan‧ny /ˈnæni/ noun (plural nannies) [countable]  1 BOLOOK AFTER somebodya woman whose job is to take care of the children in a family, usually in the family’s own home She found a job as a nanny with a wealthy Italian family.2 British English informalMOTHER grandmother – used by children syn nan3 the nanny state
Examples from the Corpus
nannyI can't afford a nanny.Friends rallied to him and Claudia installed a housekeeper and a nanny.Mary had been looked after by a nanny until the age of seven and had then stayed intermittently with elderly relatives.Hers was a maid; his a nanny.He glanced at his nanny for support.He turned and flung himself into his nanny's arms.His father employed a succession of nannies, who always left just when he was beginning to get used to them.The costs of employing even a shared nanny, however, should be thoroughly investigated beforehand.But unlike employees who work with others, the nanny faces the additional problem of isolation.
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