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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishnaphthalenenaph‧tha‧lene /ˈnæfθəliːn/ (also naphtha /ˈnæfθə/) noun [uncountable]  DHCHCCa type of oil used for fuel or for making chemicals
Examples from the Corpus
naphthaleneI could taste iron in the air, and naphthalene.The curve in the middle shows what happens when a mixture of benzene and naphthalene is cooled.At point E a solid mixture of benzene and naphthalene is formed.The liquid thus becomes richer in naphthalene.They had been salted away in mothballs and smelt of naphthalene.Solid begins to form at point A. Depending on the composition of the mixture, the solid will be either benzene or naphthalene.SOLID-LIQUID EQUILIBRlA Figure 6.28 shows the cooling curves for pure benzene, pure naphthalene and a mixture of the two.Let us now consider a liquid mixture of composition c. This starts to form solid naphthalene at point c'.
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