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nappynap‧py /ˈnæpi/ noun (plural nappies) [countable] British English  DHBa piece of soft cloth or paper worn by a baby between its legs and fastened around its waist to hold its liquid and solid waste syn diaper American English Excuse me while I change the baby’s nappy. a dirty nappydisposable nappies (=nappies which are made to be used once and thrown away)nappy rash (=sore skin caused by wet nappies)COLLOCATIONSverbswear a nappyShe doesn't wear nappies anymore; she's toilet trained.have a nappy onHe was three and a half, so he didn't have a nappy on.change a nappy (=take off a baby's dirty nappy and put on a clean one)My husband hardly ever changes the baby's nappies.put on a nappy (=put a nappy on a baby)I put a clean nappy on her half an hour ago.take off a nappy (=take off a baby's nappy)Come on, let's take this dirty nappy off.ADJECTIVES/NOUN + nappy dirty/soiledWhere shall I put the dirty nappy?wet She had been left in a wet nappy all day.dry/cleanI changed him into a dry nappy.a disposable nappy (=one that is meant to be used once and thrown away)Disposable nappies are harmful to the environment.a cloth nappy (=one made of cloth, that you can wash and use again)New cloth nappies are easily washable.nappy + NOUNnappy rash (=sore skin caused by wet nappies)He's got really bad nappy rash at the moment.phrasesbe out of nappies (=to no longer wear nappies, but use the toilet instead)Is George out of nappies yet?
Examples from the Corpus
nappyThey're more prepared to do the dishes or change nappies.They change nappies, feed babies under supervision and learn about sterilising and safety.In short, Sangenic is the most modern, most environmentally friendly and most economic way to dispose of disposable nappies!Do you know, I am nostalgic for nappies and broken nights.I wondered what I was going to do when I came to the end of Olivia's supply of nappies.Next day, it's off to the supermarket to catch up with the shopping - don't forget the newborn-size nappies!change ... nappySometimes she had to lift it out, feed it, and change its nappies, thick with excrement.He claims he was alone with the child changing her nappy when she was sick, stopped breathing and died.They're more prepared to do the dishes or change nappies.But she just forgot - she'd forget to change their nappies, she'd even forget to feed them.In fact, many of them are even happy to change the nappies and help out at feeding time.
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