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narrativenar‧ra‧tive /ˈnærətɪv/ ●○○ noun formal  1 [countable]TELL a description of events in a story, especially in a novel At several points in the narrative the two stories cross.2 [uncountable]TELL the process or skill of telling a storynarrative adjective a narrative poem narrative structure
Examples from the Corpus
narrativeA narrative as a unit is a narrative sequencing which allows the listening to infer temporal order.Using family and friends as models, the painter composes narratives about birth and death, life and religion.A fully formed narrative realises all six categories, although many narratives may lack one or more components.The plot, a dense swirl of memory and intermingled narratives, works like a spell.And if the figures' location is often nebulous, so are the suggested narratives gripping these people.If the narrative is to be presented relatively rapidly, then brevity must be a feature of the style expected.I ask myself what happened next and if it is significant to the narrative.As the two narratives progress, the connections become evident.
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