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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishnarratornar‧ra‧tor /nəˈreɪtə $ ˈnæreɪtər, næˈreɪtər, nə-/ ●○○ noun [countable]  1 ATELLthe person who tells the story in a book or a play2 the person who describes or explains what is happening in a film or television programme but who is not seen
Examples from the Corpus
narratorAs a narrator I have much to learn.Verbivore starts and ends with Mira as narrator.Then to each narrator is assigned a time and place of the writing of his contribution.On other occasions we detect language which can only be that of James, the third-person narrator.Flaubert's narrator enters Emma Bovary's consciousness from time to time, to describe events from her point of view.Here are the characters and the narrator begins.Ishmael, the narrator of the story, tells the reader why he went to sea.Nog is a mysterious itinerant who sells the narrator a foam-rubber octopus, and whose name he adopts as an alias.The narrator, returning to the box shortly afterwards, finds that the signalman has been run over by a train.
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